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    Roxana Gonzalez

    Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist-Teletherapist


    I want to share this amazing resource I found with all of you!

    If interested in augmentative alternative communication, you can become a Lingraphica Certified Technology Specialist at no cost to you, just by enrolling in their learning path.

    Did you know? Lingraphica also provides you with communication boards for the pediatric or adult population in English/Spanish for free! By the way, their visuals and letter boards are visually enticing.

    Visit: https://lingraphica.com/

    Thank you LiriCare for the opportunity to network and disseminate this valuable information.

    Lingraphica AAC Devices
    Lingraphica AAC Devices

    Roxana,Thank you so much for sharing this free Bilingual AAC certification resource!

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