• Cleft Palate and Articulation?


    How should I begin treating my cleft palate client? We used the GFTA-3 and he has certain sounds in error such as /s, l, f, t/. I'm not sure if I should begin with the /s, t/ sounds first or /l/ since this is more developmentally appropriate.

    Nidhin Kurian 21 days

    Speech-Language Pathologist, Assistive Technology Specialist

    It is recommended to start with developmentally appropriate sounds targeting the compensatory errors. Also, stimulants low pressure consonants. It would be better to list out the compensatory errors and start with anterior consonants (if posterior compensatory errors are high)


    Sophie-Anais Renois 16 days

    Speech-language pathologist

    There is a free CEU on cleft lip/palate through the leader's project, (Columbia University) that can help you with this.

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