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    Hey #slp2be 💕 Are you in your first semester of graduate school and feel like you’re a huge imposter? Read the 3 things you need to know👇🏽

    1. You are here to LEARN 🧠. You are not expected to know it all yet. Make notes of what you need to improve on and set aside time in your schedule to review/relearn these concepts. Do your research, go to office hours, listen to SLP podcasts, and/or form a study group!

    2. Be your own clinician 🌟. You can’t always rely on other people to give you “the answer.” You are going to have to make decisions using your clinical instincts and figure out ways to make your therapy sessions engaging and intentional. Don’t try to be like everyone else. Understand your strengths and utilize them throughout your entire grad school journey.

    3. Focus on the POSITIVES 🫶🏽 It can be easy to get caught up in everything that went “wrong” during a session, without acknowledging any of the parts that went right. Give yourself credit for all of your wins (e.g. you have established good rapport with your client, you improvised when your client didn’t like the activity you brought, you remembered to collect data, etc.). This is the time to make mistakes because they’re all opportunities to learn and grow as a clinician.

    💬 Comment down below what you’re struggling with as a first semester (or year) graduate student?

    Melanie Evans 5 months

    Bilingual Speech Pathologist

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