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    Ary Burgoyne

    Graduate Student

    One thing I am trying to work on during this Student Teaching semester, is my documentation skills.

    With such a large caseload, it can get overwhelming trying to complete all the SOAP notes. So, to help make my documentation quicker and more effective, I must ensure I am taking sufficient data with notes on how my student is responding to different cues and prompts as well as any important behaviors or concerns that may be present (e.g. if my DHH student does not have a charged RM system; a student not having their proper devices or supports like glasses; etc.).

    Each week, I take on more groups, so I am excited to see how my documentation improves by the time this Fall semester ends!

    That's so cool that you get to work with the DHH population! What do you like about it so far?


    Ary would love to talk more and see how we can use AI to help you make your documentation quicker and more effective!

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