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    Ary Burgoyne

    Graduate Student

    Hey everyone!

    If you did not know, I started my Student Teaching semester at 2 elementary schools, which will be my last clinical placement in graduate school.

    Yesterday, I go to observe my first IEP and was fascinated because we had two ASL interpreters on Zoom. At this school, there is a big population of DHH students and one of the teachers present was DHH also. It inspired me to possibly go back to school and double major in ASL and Spanish to help with my dreams of being a multilingual SLP. Additionally, tomorrow I will be running 3 speech and language sessions that I planned and created materials for. Being a grad student on a budget means that I have to DIY a lot of speech materials unless I plan activities with games and other materials my supervisor has shared with me. I like adding a piece of myself to my speech therapy so I mix my crafted materials with my supervisor's. I've been really enjoying working with and learning from my supervisor.

    I am excited for what is to come!

    Sophie-Anais Renois 13 days

    Speech-language pathologist

    This is very exciting! Enjoy your experience!


    Ary Burgoyne 12 days

    Graduate Student

    Thank you! I think I got lucky with my clinical placements at the private practices during my externship semester last Fall and these elementary schools for my student teaching semester. I've been able to work with some amazing supervisors that have helped me grow as a future SLP. I'm excited to see what all I learn by the end of this semester.

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