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    Ary Burgoyne

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    3 Ways to Combat Imposter Syndrome in Grad School:

    1. When you find yourself confused or having a hard time understanding concepts (especially when you're with others that get it), tell yourself: “This is an opportunity for me to learn.”

    Having this mindset will allow you to feel comfortable asking for help from your peers/professors/supervisors instead of talking down to yourself.

    2. Instead of thinking “it’s better not to answer because you’re probably wrong,” choose to be courageous and confident in yourself. Answer to the best of your ability and if you are wrong, reference the first strategy.

    3. When you feel yourself getting anxious during testing environments, take a second (or a few) to take a deep breath, remind yourself that you did everything you could to prepare, and look at the question again with a fresh mind.

    Comment how you plan on combatting imposter syndrome this semester!

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